Super Immune Package

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Super Immune Package

This package is designed for IMMUNE BOOSTING. These supplements are loaded with vitamin C, D, Zinc, Quercetin, Olive Leaf, and so much more. If you are trying to build your immune system and protect yourself from any infection, including viruses, this is the package you need to strengthen your body. This is smart and active prevention and prepares your body to be ready to fight if you do encounter something!

Key Benefits

  • Prepare your immune system to fight off whatever you may be exposed to. 

What's Included


Mother Earth Labs Advanced Immune Support (180 caps)

Other Ingredients: Veggie Capsules.

Allergy Information: Non-GMO.

Spirit of Health Beyond Vitamin C Powder (16 oz)

Camu Camu Berry Powder, Acerola Juice Powder, Amla Berry Powder, and Rose Hips Powder.

Allergy Information: Made using only organic or wildcrafted herbs.

Buried Treasure Prevention ACF Daily Immune Support (16 fl oz)

Other ingredients: Purified mountain water, orange and apple juice, natural orange mango, creamy banana, mixed fruit, orange cream, coconut and other natural flavors, vegetable glycerin, xanthan gum, guar gum, potassium sorbate (to ensure freshness), nisin (naturally ensures freshness) and polylysine (natural preservative).

Allergy Information: Vegetarian safe. Gluten, wheat, and dairy free. Manufactured in a USDA, FDA and cGMP compliant facility in USA. Made with renewable solar energy.

CellCore Biosciences ViRadChem Binder (120 caps)

Other Ingredients: HPMC (capsule).

Allergy Information: Gluten free and does not contain animal byproducts.

Suggested Use

Mother Earth Labs Advanced Immune Support (180 caps): Take 3 capsules in the morning and 3 capsules in the evening. 

Spirit of Health Beyond Vitamin C Powder (16 oz): Take 1 heaping teaspoon twice daily.

Buried Treasure Prevention ACF Daily Immune Support (16 fl oz): Take 1 tablespoon twice daily.

CellCore Biosciences ViRadChem Binder (120 caps): Take 1 capsule twice daily the first week, and 2 capsules twice daily after the first week. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition.