Tropilab Amazon Herbs Graviola Forte

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Tropilab Amazon Herbs Graviola Forte (2 fl oz)

Graviola, native to the Amazon rainforest; is a small tree growing up to 15 feet (5 meters) tall. It is much sought after for its delicious fruit. However, Graviola bark, leaves, root, and fruits have also been used as traditional remedies in South America for many centuries. There is ongoing cancer-research on this plant concerning the specific phytochemicals (Annonaceous acetogenins) that are demonstrating the strongest anticancer and antiviral properties. Extracts have been shown to have many benefits such as antiviral, antiparasitic, antirheumatic, astringent, emetic, antileishmanial, and cytotoxic effects.

This plant has been used for a long time in Traditional Medicine in South America to treat a number of ailments, such as:
hypertension, ringworm, influenza, scurvy, rashes, malaria, neuralgia, dysentery, arthritis, palpitations, rheumatism, nervousness, high blood pressure, insomnia, diarrhea, fever, nausea, boils, dyspepsia, and muscle spasm.


Zerembone. Made fromwild harvested plants, naturally derived alcohol, and spring water. All herbs are not fumigated or irradiated.

Suggested Use

1 - 4 ml. daily (1 - 4 full droppers).

Precautions: Not to be used during pregnancy due to possible uterine stimulant activity. Contraindicated for people with low blood pressure (it may posses' hypotensive, vasodilator, and cardio depressant activities). It may also potentiate antidepressant drugs and interfere with MAO-inhibitor drugs. Long-term use of Graviola might lead to some die-off of friendly bacteria in the digestive tract. Supplementing the diet with digestive enzymes may be helpful to counteract this possible effect.

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