New Beginnings Nutritionals Calcium/Magnesium Citrate

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New Beginnings Nutritionals Calcium/Magnesium Citrate (180 caps)

New Beginnings Nutritionals' Calcium/Magnesium Citrate is an ideal combination formula for individuals wanting to take both calcium and magnesium together in the citrate form. This is an especially useful supplement for those individuals trying to follow a Low Oxalate Diet. Oxalates are molecules that are abundant in many plant foods but when absorbed into the body in high amounts (possibly as a result of a leaky gut). This can lead to oxidative damage, depletion of glutathione, inflammation, and the formation of crystals which have been associated with pain. Scientific studies have shown that calcium and magnesium react with oxalate in food to make an insoluble salt that cannot be absorbed. In addition, the citrate portion of the molecule competes with oxalate for absorption from the gastrointestinal tract.


Other Ingredients: Hypromellos (Veggie Capsule), magnesium stearate and silica.

Allergy Information: Non-GMO. This product contains no yeast, wheat, gluten, soy, milk/dairy, corn, sodium, sugar, starch, artificial coloring, preservatives, or flavoring.

Suggested Use

Take 2 or more capsules before meals to help prevent oxalate absorption or as suggested by your healthcare practitioner.  Capsules can be swallowed or opened up and mixed into food or drink.

Precautions: It is important to be aware that magnesium can cause loose stools and/or diarrhea when given in higher doses.  If these symptoms appear, reduce the dosage until bowel movements normalize. For individuals following a dairy free diet, additional calcium supplementation (without magnesium) may be necessary to supply adequate calcium without exceeding the magnesium recommended dosage.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or health condition.